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CCR Entertainment Airs Industry Out Veteran of RuffHouse Chris Schwartz

 Industry wars over money, publishing and royalties are common. And here you go once again with more industry issues. Chinga Chang Records better known as CCR Entertainment is currently frustrated with a recent label deal gone wrong. It all started with a potential deal with Dave East that Chris Schwartz wanted to do. With many contract disputes looking shady, the CEO of CCR entertainment puts a huge blame on Chris Scwhartz CEO, of label Ruffhouse. Also a big issue in this dispute was the El Camino "Walk By Faith" project along with rap legend Kool G Rap's " Half A Klip" that resulted in both projects gaining tons of pre-orders but yet those payments and statements were not made to CCR.

Here is a public statement from the CCR Camp,
Chris made millions in the 90's discovering the Fugees, which was his breakout group on Ruffhouse. Later on down the line he has worked with DMX, Beanie Sigel and more prominent names. Things have changed for Chris as he is now homeless. Using his wax company as a Ponzi scheme to pay his rent."
 A representative from CCR adds on "Chris Schwartz is running a Ponzi scheme masqueraded under the disguise of a boutique vinyl record label. As a valued member of this culture that we know as Hip-Hop we are obligated to let all artists be aware that although it's plenty of money to make in vinyl do not do business with Chris Schwartz.
CCR Rep adds,
The vinyl market has produced a lot of lucrative income for independent artists. Unfortunately a washed up 90's former Philadelphia icon named Christopher Swartz who owns RuffNation Entertainment is using this Hip-Hop vinyl resurgence as a scam to go ahead and pay his day-to-day bills. In good faith I've given Chris Schwartz numerous records and have yet to see a statement. Due to his divorce he lost his home and due to his percocet addiction uses his RuffNation entertainment as a Ponzi scheme to buy food and pills. Paying limited online ads for the marketing of one project to an artist that he did not give any money on the front end, collect all the money on the back end, not pay anybody. This is Chris's business model plain and simple. Just straight stealing, dude's a dirt ball. - CCR representative
Also Chris has even made sexual threats to CCR in a very disrespectful manner which can be viewed in the text attached, along with the cease and desist from Dave East's camp from for further camp.
Here is some history on CCR
CCR ENT (Chinga Chang records) is based in Philadelphia, although their CEO has been in China the last few years he has accomplished a lot from the far east.  Releasing a Griselda member record by artist El Camino, dropping a DJ Premier single all from Zhengzhou, China.  His most proud moment is putting on a 600 attended Mac Miller Tribute party to raise money for Mac's Circles Foundation that was attended by Mac's parents.