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Cookiee Kawaii - "Club Soda Vol. 3." (Mixtape)

Get ready to be blown away by the electrifying Queer Jersey Club music phenomenon, Cookiee Kawaii, and her new mixtape album Club Soda Vol. 3.

With Cookiee having the biggest sweet tooth in the game, Club Soda Vol. 3 is giving exactly what it’s supposed to! This Jersey Club Music masterpiece keeps the party goin’. From "Pretty Girl" to "Zaza", Cookiee overlays banging tracks with lyrical tales of ladies loving ladies and living life to the fullest. Once again, she continues to be who she’s always been: artistically and authentically free.


The focus track "Candy" reels us into an entanglement of high-key seduction. From sugary-sweet lyrics to the playful melody with a hip hop edge, trust, you will yearn for more! Perhaps it is the seamless transition from serenely suggestive to intoxicatingly salacious that arouses even the most reserved. Or could it be that every "gimme that" hits the spot just right? Like yeah, right there, in a way that we can’t help but run the track back again and again. Gimme that. All of that Candy....